About Randi:

Randi is well known in the corporate world by making a career as a successful International and Domestic Shopping Center Developer for numerous years. After extensive experience with business sharks, she believes dogs are a piece of cake! Randi has had dogs her whole life, and feels a definite connection with them, having dealt with hundreds of dogs with behavioral issues. She believes by observing a dog’s behavior, they will tell you right where he/she stands emotionally, psychologically and behaviorally. She wants to assist families so their dogs reach optimal and full potential functioning as loving and well mannered members of the family pack. Randi is a Director of Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, where approximately 360 GSDs a year are assessed, rehabbed and rehomed.  She has worked with so many people and dogs (including NON-Shepherds, too!), she recognized she could help more people by opening up an OLK9 Training location!