Cassie Bronkie
I had my 7 month old puppy Luna working with Mike and another trainer from Off leash for over a week. I was very nervous about her staying with people I didn’t know well and they handled me so well! Lol Luna was fine… I was the one freaked out!! They gave me daily updated and sent me daily texts and video posts. She learned SOOOOO much in the week with off leash. I have a completely different dog! She use to be a disaster on the leash, lung at other animals, run from me when she got loose, would act up in the house… Even to the point of peeing on my sofa when I would leave!
Luna has come so far! We worked with Mike one on one with Luna at the end of her training. He was so good with us and did and extra session when we weren’t sure if things were going right. Less than two weeks after Luna’s off leash training we took her through the airport as my emotional support animal and on a plane! She was amazing. She went through security without leash and collar. She followed my every move. It was the best thing we ever decided to do. She is a great, positive part of our family now and I can literally take her EVERYWHERE. Thank you OFFLEASH!

James Prendergast
We were all out of hope and no place else to turn to when we finally called South Florida Dog Trainer – Off Leash K9 Training.

We rescued a wonderful dog, Grant, who was a gentle loving dog, but had a serious issue. After trying other trainers, with absolutely no success or progress, we gave up all hope and were contemplating the unthinkable, something that no animal lover would ever want to be faced with.

Mike and Alex came over for an evaluation and we decided the Grant should go to their camp. I know that they worked extremely hard and Grant was difficult. But Mike and Alex did not give up hope and stuck with him.

I want to sincerely….from the bottom of my heart to sing all praises to them…..thank them for saving the life of a gentle teddybear.

Grant is doing so well, we can’t believe it. No more issues, he listens and obeys, and is a completely new dog (well, same dog, but 10x better!)
Mike and Alex are NOT only trainers, they are animal rehabilitators.

I thank them again for their hard work and dedication in saving the life of a wonderful pet.