The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Miami Beach

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If you are new in Miami Beach, FL, and looking for dog-friendly restaurants to bring your pup with you for lunch or dinner, you can stop now. There are a good deal of pet-friendly restaurants, and by the end of this article, you will have enough options to choose, go out and fill up with your canine companion. 

From Southern cuisine to Italian and Argentinian steaks, you get a wide variety of delicious food in Miami Beach, and you do not even have to leave your dog at home! Here is a list of the 10 best dog-friendly restaurants in Miami Beach.

  1. Oliver’s Bistro
  2. LT Steak and Seafood
  3. Shake Shack
  4. The Social Club
  5. Yardbird Southern Table and Bar
  6. Dogma Grill
  7. George’s Italian Restaurant Lounge
  8. Santorini by Georgios
  9. Rosinella
  10. Havana 1957

Oliver’s Bistro

Oliver’s Bistro is one of the popular dog-friendly restaurants in Miami Beach, with outdoor seating and an eclectic menu. It offers a wide range of delicious food, from Avocado toast for breakfast to grilled salmon and Asian-style sesame tuna for dinner, and outdoor seating makes your pup comfortable. 

So, if you plan to eat out and cannot leave your dog alone, this place is for you and your canine companion to relax and enjoy delicious food. 

LT Steak and Seafood

If you are looking for a dog-friendly restaurant with a great ambiance — you can stop by LT Steak and Seafood. It offers a comprehensive menu with a broad range of delicious food, which includes BBQ short ribs, oysters off the raw bar, tuna tartare, sushi rolls, salads, tacos, and more. 

LT Steak and Seafood not only offers great food, but the shaded areas and water for the pups give you all the more reason to visit and enjoy the lovely food.

Shake Shack

Do you want to take your pup out? And you are looking for a place to fill up and have fun with your dog? You can visit Shake Shack while you are in Miami Beach. The restaurant offers a generous variety of fares, from burgers, hot dogs, custard, ice cream, beer, and wine to their famous Pooch-ini—vanilla custard with peanut butter sauce and biscuits for your pup. 

The Social Club

The social club is prominent among dog parents for its design, stylish decor, and dog-friendly outdoor patio seating. It offers a wide range of delicious food, including pimento mac and cheese, lamb empanadas, ricotta gnocchi, slow-cooked St. Louis ribs, bone marrow burgers, mahi mahi, and wagyu short ribs. 

To cool off, you get cocktails such as My Tequila Story, The Snowball Effect, A Sunset in Iceland, and Flaming Turkey. So, take your pup to The Social Club for a day out and relax. 

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar

Are you craving classic Southern cuisine while holidaying in Miami Beach with your pup? Look no further than Yardbird Southern Table and Bar because it offers delicious smoked and roasted bone marrow, shrimp and grits, cheddar biscuits, mac and cheese, smoked BBQ chicken, fried green tomato BLTs, and Virginia ham and more to provide you with a flavorful experience. 

What makes the experience even more delightful is you can get outdoor seating in covered areas for your canine companion.

Dogma Grill

So, you are in Miami Beach and have not devoured the deliciousness of Dogma Grill? Well, you must because it offers turkey, beef, and veggie franks with an array of tasty toppings. 

What’s more? You can bring your dog with you as it is a pet-friendly place! 

Get a table for you and your canine companion and enjoy the tasty meals at Dogma Grill for a perfect weekend.   

George’s Italian Restaurant Lounge

George’s Italian Restaurant is another great dog-friendly spot to hang out with your pup while getting filled up with delicious food. 

You can get a table outdoors to make your dog comfortable. People in Miami Beach find it an incredible alternative to overpriced restaurants with delectable food, a lovely ambiance, and satisfying service. 

Santorini by Georgios

Santorini by Georgios is a chic restaurant that caters to your craving for delicious Greek cuisine and offers a pleasant ambiance. Moreover, you can get a table outdoors for you and your dog. 

At Santorini, you get a wide variety of food, from Greek salad to classic homemade dolmades, luokaniko-greek sausages, jumbo shrimp cocktail, and gigantes-fava beans.

And so, reserve a table and enjoy the food with your pup while you are in Miami Beach, FL.


Rosinella is another popular Italian dog-friendly restaurant in Miami Beach, FL, which serves the best Italian food from recipes they have in the family forever. Their food is homemade with fresh and natural ingredients. 

The restaurant has a dog-friendly patio where you can enjoy your food with your pup by your side. It can be a perfect option for eating out when you crave authentic Italian food. 

Havana 1957

Havana 1957 is a Cuban restaurant serving a range of food items on its menu. The eatery offers the original taste of Cuban fares inspired by Cuba in the 1950s. Their menu includes grilled Florida lobster, flank steak empanadas, flank steak stew, griddled fish, and more Cuban special meals. 

Moreover, it has a great variety of mojitos for drinks. What else is, you get dog-friendly outdoor seating where your dog can accompany you and enjoy the ambiance. 


Finding pet-friendly restaurants may seem like a difficult task. However, if you are in Miami Beach, there are plenty of options to hang out with your pup. So, enjoy the best food in Miami Beach town with your canine friend.

Need help with getting your furry family member ready for field trips to restaurants?  Give us a call!  



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