The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Parks in Coral Gables

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Dogs are social animals and love to play with their parents, go on walks, and meet their dog friends to play more. As a dog parent, you understand that play sessions and walks are essential for your dog’s overall well-being as they help with mental and physical stimulation

So, if you are in Coral Gables and looking for dog-friendly parks where you and the pup can spend quality time and enjoy the scenic views and the weather, you can stop looking because we have listed the 10 best dog-friendly parks for you. 

  1. Chapman Trail Dog Park
  2. Ingraham Park
  3. Matheson hammock park and marina 
  4. Alhambra Water Tower
  5. Alcazar Plaza
  6. Balboa Plaza
  7. Catalonia Park
  8. Coral bay Park
  9. Ferdinand Park
  10.  Country Club Prado

Chapman Trail Dog Park

While in Coral Gables, one of the best dog-friendly places to take your pup is the Chapman Trail Dog Park. Your dog can run and play in a safe off-leash area with fences. It comprises two separate spaces for small and large dogs. 

There are plenty of lush green spaces and shades. Also, the park is well-maintained, where you can dispose of your dog’s waste in the available waste stations. Along with strolling along the trails, you can play unlimited fetch games with your furry friend on the baseball fields.

Ingraham Park

Ingraham Terrace is a public park with a playground, shaded benches, and lovely water views that welcome you and your furry friend with open arms. Make sure the dog is on a leash to keep them safe.

The good thing is you can spend relaxing quality time with your pup as it rarely gets too crowded. The park contains exercise stations, walking and jogging paths, and misting machines. It is over two acres of open areas with picnic tables. 

Matheson Hammock Park and Marina 

Matheson Hammock Park and Marina is another famous dog-friendly place your dog can visit with you. The park has beautiful water views and a calm atmosphere, where you can relax with your canine pal. 

The park’s west side is an outdoor space that your dog would love as it is an off-leash area for them to run free. Its peaceful beach is a harbour for you if you enjoy the water and stunning views.

You also get a snack bar & restaurant, a full-service marina, nature trails, and picnic pavilions. And the dog can stroll on the trails on a leash. 

Alhambra Water Tower

Alhambra Water Tower was built in 1924 at the Alhambra Circle in North Coral Gables. It is a picturesque and history-filled place to come over with your dog. The water tower has a water tank inside and a concrete and wood frame structure outside, created to resemble a lighthouse, filled with lights at night. 

If you are visiting Coral Gables with your pup, you must witness the illuminated structure, take a walk, and play with your dog in the grassy area around it. 

Alcazar Plaza

Alcazar Plaza is also a dog-friendly spot with lush green grass and trees. The park does not have much to offer, however, you can come with your dog, where they can wander and scour on a leash. 

So, while in Coral Gables, you can visit Alcazar Plaza with your furry friend to enjoy the view and take a quick walk.

Balboa Plaza

Another famous dog-friendly park in Coral Gables is Balboa Plaza. It has widespread grassy areas and trees, where you can come with your pup for a quick walk. 

The park also has a wall fountain that sprays water into a semicircular bay and an embellished limestone tower with lanterns in end ports. You can enjoy the view, and the dog can stroll and explore. 

Catalonia Park

Catalonia Park is also a popular dog-friendly park to hang out with your canine companion. It has enormous concrete turtles, natural boulders, and climbing blocks for kids to play. The park is decorated with plantings such as Cassia bakeriana trees, jasmine, wild coffee, and stately Live Oak trees that only enhance its beauty. 

If you are looking for a place for a walk and quality time with your pup, Catalonia Park may be the one for you. It provides plenty of seating and shade, where you can rest and meet other dog parents while the dog runs and plays. 

Coral Bay Park

Do you want to go out for a picnic with your dog? If yes, Coral Bay Park may be the perfect spot for you. It offers spectacular views, benches, picnic tables, and outdoor sports areas to have fun with your pup on a perfect weekend.

Here, you can walk and explore with your pup along its walking trail. Only remember to bring the dog’s leash.  

Ferdinand Park

Ferdinand Park is another small city dog-friendly park you must check out while in Coral Gables. Here, you can ride a bike or walk with your dog because the park offers sufficient space for letting your pup play and run around.

And so, bring your dog with you to spend quality time together in beautiful Ferdinand Park. Ensure your dog is on a leash while you stroll to avoid accidents. 

Country Club Prado

If you are hunting for a park with scenic views and an iconic hook, you can halt now because Country Club Prado may be the one for you. It has beautiful views and a setting perfect for photography. 

It gets better! You can bring your dog with you. The park’s amenities include a stunning water fountain, green, shaded spaces, and a walking trail. Country Club Pardo is a perfect expansive place for you and your pup to hang out while on a leash.  


The dogs need outdoor walks in the parks to keep them going as they get easily bored indoors. Coral Gables is filled with lovely dog-friendly parks and open spaces for you and your pup to explore. So, take your dog on a walk and play, or enjoy the evening out in the lights and open spaces. have got plenty of options to choose from.


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