The 8 Best Dog Groomers in Homestead

The dog’s hygiene is an essential part of their health and well-being. Regular grooming  helps keep the flea and tick, and other parasites away because they not only harm the dog, but can affect you or other family members. 

And so, if you are looking for a dog groomer in Homestead, look no further! We have reviewed the best dog groomers in the city to help you choose the right one for your beloved pup.

Cute Paws Dog Grooming

If you are looking for a dog grooming salon to get your dog’s haircut or hair dye, you can stop now because we have an option for you while you are in Homestead. Cute Paws dog grooming, established in 2010, offers various grooming services and ensures your pup looks their best. 

Cute Paws provides services such as bubble bathing, haircut and styling, sanitary shaving, and d-shedding. What’s more? You can also get a dental brush, flea wash, and detangling services. The cleanliness of the facility is a priority, and they have a policy of no dogs with ticks. You will need to inform the salon if the dog is infested.

Its Grooming Time

Its Grooming Time is one of the best dog grooming and massage salons in Homestead, offering a great grooming experience. With state-of-the-art and up-to-date equipment and professional groomers, IGT is committed to making your pup look their best. 

To provide your dog with the best services, the salon evaluates each pet to check for fleas/ticks, coat conditions, and skin problems. It helps to choose the right product and treatment for the pup. The services offered are bath, nail clipping, brush, ear cleaning, and trim. Also, products such as shampoos and conditioners are all-natural and high-quality.

Puppies and Grooming

Puppies and Grooming is another dog groomer you can look into, as they offer various services and have a staff committed to providing your pup the best experience. The salon caters to all your dog’s grooming needs, from haircuts to baths. 

The services offered at Puppies and Grooming include bathing with shampoo and conditioner, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and haircut. So, if you want to keep your options open, you can visit here and get your pup groomed.


Grooming2Choose is a luxury mobile grooming salon for dogs that provides top-notch grooming services to your pup with no cage drying or other forceful practices for a comfortable experience. 

The salon aims to ensure your dog’s grooming session is fun and relaxing by offering high-quality, gentle care and attention. Their services include bubble bathing, blow drying, de-shedding, gland expression, ear cleaning, nail clipping and buffing, teeth brushing, sanitary trimming, flea and tick treatment, and complementary bow/ties to give your pup the best look.

Dog Grooming by Denis

Dog Grooming by Denis is another mobile dog grooming service bringing their salon to your doorstep. The salon believes that grooming is not only about bathing and brushing the dog, but it aids in identifying if they have a skin problem or parasites. 

The salon provides various grooming services, which include bathing, drying, brushing, hair trimming, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. You can visit their Instagram page and book an appointment.

Jessi’s Mobile Pet Salon

If you are uncomfortable leaving your dog to a salon, you can opt for Jessi’s Mobile Pet Salon. It is a mobile grooming and pet spa salon offering a range of services in its state-of-the-art grooming van. The mobile facility includes a tub, modern equipment, hot water, air conditioning, and a heating system to provide your dog with a comfortable environment where they can relax. 

The grooming services at Jessi’s include shampoos, hydrotherapy massages, facials, and nail care. Jessi’s Mobile Pet Salon brings convenience and services to your doorstep and gives your dog a soothing and lovely experience.

Golden Mobile Grooming 

If you are looking for a convenient way to get grooming services for your dog, then you can call Golden Mobile Grooming and book an appointment. The experts at the mobile salon offer various services at your doorstep. 

 Golden Mobile Grooming is committed to prioritizing your dog’s well-being and comfort and using high-quality products. The services at the salon include baths, nail clipping, full-body and face haircuts, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, and plucking. They also offer dental services for pets without anesthesia.


Finding the right groomer for your dog can become challenging if you are visiting or are new in the city. You can find the finest dog groomers in Homestead and ensure a relaxed and comfortable trip to the salon.  Because when they look good, they feel good. So, make sure you take your pup to the groomer for regular grooming sessions to keep the hygiene in check for their well-being. 

Is your dog trained enough to go to a groomer?  We can help!  


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