The Best Doggy Daycares in Miami Beach

Doggy daycares can play a pivotal role for working dog parents. These daycares provide a platform for your dog to socialize with other dogs and be with various temperaments and breeds of canines. If you have a busy schedule and are looking for a doggy daycare that caters to all your dog’s needs and helps care for them, this article sheds light on the 8 best doggy daycares in Miami Beach.


DOGGI VIP MIAMI BEACH is a perfect spot for your furry friend. The team provides a comfortable environment for dogs to catch up with other dogs and play with each other. It is a specialized pet care center that allows your dog to mingle with other animals. Moreover, spa, daycare, boarding, dog walking, and cat sitting are the services provided at VIP Miami Beach. 

Their experts offer services, which include anesthesia-free dental cleaning, vaccines, medications, food, rawhide chews, and personal items. DOGGIE VIP also provides grooming services, such as baths with ear cleaning, nail trim, external anal gland expressions, and deodorizing fragrance. 


DOG Hotels Miami Beach

Dog Hotels Miami Beach is a rejuvenating spot for the canines. Primarily, they offer three different packages, as per the requirement, which include daycare, overnight, and grooming. In daycare, they provide a healthy and comfortable ambiance and socializing for your four-legged friends. 

In the overnight section, they have a dedicated area with a proper air-circulation system, and the team ensures a stress-free environment for dogs. In the grooming section, the staff gives relaxing massages and play sessions and ensures healthy sleep for your pup.

The team aims to provide the love, care, and attention the dogs deserve because they believe DOG Hotels is your dog’s home away from home. 


La Vie Pet Salon and Daycare

La Vie Pet Salon and Daycare is a complete grooming stop for your furry friend. The staff offers detailed grooming services such as bathing, haircut, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. They also have specialized treatments, such as de-shedding, teeth cleaning, and flea & tick prevention.

The Daycare center has a facility for online booking and a dedicated app that maintains your pup’s history. The pet-loving team wants you to leave your dog in their hands and get on with your work. 


Woof Pack

Woof Pack is a daycare center where dogs are welcome and looked after. The team owns five Siberian Huskies and a Labrador Retriever, and the purpose of having these dogs is to be friendly with other dogs. So, if you have a dog and want them to socialize with other animals, this is the best daycare center.

The good thing is their programs are based on an average dog-level mindset. So if your pup has a low level of IQ, you do not have to worry because Woof Pack ensures that all dogs are taught equally.  


Love Miami Dogs

Love Miami Dogs is one of the best daycare centers in Miami Beach. The operations started in 2015 to provide incredible experiences for dogs and their owners. From a small setup to ranging five-star services now, their commitment is to provide safety and security to your pup with an unforgettable experience. 

Love Miami Dogs offers dog boarding, walking, and daycare services. Dog boarding lets your pup live in a relaxed environment and meet other dogs, walking provides healthy exercise, and daycare offers stress-free socializing with other dogs and gives relief to working pet parents.


Four Paws Pet Care – Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Four Paws Pet Care is a licensed, bonded, and insured daycare. As the staff is professional, so if you have a long day at work, you can leave your pup here. Four Paws Pet Care takes full responsibility for taking care of your doggy. 

Their services include dog walking and running, drop-in pet sitting, and overnights. The packages of these services are divided into time slots.


SoBe Pooch

SoBe Pooch is one of the top-notch pet service providers in Miami. Their quality care standards are up to the mark. You can schedule a free introductory meeting with their experts through their online platform. 

Their services include pet sitting and boarding, dog walk, and drop-in visits. The team is committed to strengthening dog-friendly communications, boosting socializing with other pets, promoting a healthy environment, and building relationships. They also have a mobile app where you can book appointments, monitor schedules, track records of your pup, and many more. 


Top Dog Miami

Top Dog Miami is a premium dog-sitting service and care and their services include dog walking, sitting, boarding, and daycares. The staff ensures they provide trusted care. Their team comprises experienced professionals who always put safety first before anything.

The good thing about Top Dog Miami is they have a comprehensive insurance plan under pet care insurance. Also, you can use their mobile app to book appointments and select a convenient time slot. In short, Top Dog Miami has everything essential for the dog’s well-being. 



Dog Daycares are essential for dogs and their working parents because they provide a place for dogs to socialize and play with each other. It is also beneficial for dog owners who are single caretakers of their pets and cannot attend to them during the day.

Daycares typically work as community hubs for dogs because they provide various services, from exercises, grooming, walking, and more. So, if you have a busy working schedule and are contemplating leaving your dog in daycare, you can look into these options.

Need help getting your pup ready to go to doggy daycare?  Give us a call!  


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