The Best Dog Groomers in Miami

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Does your dog need a grooming day out, and you are looking for the best place for your pup? You want to be careful when choosing a grooming service. From haircuts to nail clipping, baths, ear cleaning, and gland expression, all of this is important for a dog’s hygiene and overall health. Since the quality of products and services plays a vital role in your dog’s wellness, compromising on these may affect your dog’s well-being.

To help you decide where to take your dog for grooming services, here are the eight best groomers you can choose from according to your needs.

Animal Crackers 

If you are looking for a place where you get all the pet essentials and grooming services, then this one’s for you! Animal Crackers is a pet supply store operating since 2010 in Downtown and Brickell, catering to all pet needs from premium food, toys, supplements, and accessories to grooming services. 

The pet store offers organic and good-quality products and various services. The certified groomer provides trendy haircuts. Other services include baths, nail trimming, gland expression, and ear cleaning in their relaxed and cage-free environment. Their cordial staff ensures your pup has a happy and satisfied experience at their store.

Barks and Tales Dog Spa 

Barks and Tales Dog Spa has been providing one of the satisfactory cage-free boarding and daycare facilities since 2009. The safe, friendly, and caring environment ensures your dog’s comfort and well-being. Their pet-loving staff provides undivided attention and love to your pet to make their stay delightful and exciting.

The grooming services your dog gets include haircuts, brush-outs, trims, drying, complete baths, flea and tick treatment, gland expression, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. They would need your dog’s detailed information, such as medical and grooming history and contact details of your veterinarian if you are getting their boarding service.

Pet Avenue Grooming and Boarding 

Pet Avenue Grooming and Boarding have been operating since 2010, catering to your pet’s grooming needs, which include styling and cutting fur, brushing teeth, cleaning ears, anal gland expression, and clipping nails. Better! They also offer boarding and daycare services for working pet parents. 

The pet grooming salon also provides pick up and drop off when availing its services. Your pup also gets a bandana or bow at the end of a grooming session to make it look adorable! 


MyDog is a pet grooming service provider based in Pinecrest, offering the grooming help your dog needs. Professional groomers’ services include nail clipping and filing, baths, ear cleaning, gland expression, haircuts, and teeth cleaning. 

Moreover, your pup gets pampered with high-quality cleaning products and organic and all-natural treats. If you want to get your dog a nice haircut or a bath and have a meeting to attend, MyDog provides pickup and drop-off services. 

D.O.G Hotels – Aventura

D.O.G Hotels is a grooming, boarding, and daycare services provider where professional groomers offer numerous services, which include warm baths, coifs, and custom haircuts. Moreover, your pup gets playtime, naptime, and massages to help them relax. 

The D.O.G Franchise has different environment-controlled facilities for daycare and boarding (luxury dog suits) for your furry companions. So, if you are planning a vacation, you can consider boarding your pup there to get pampered while you get some time off. 

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Magic Grooming and Pet Resort

It is a pet salon that has been providing grooming, boarding, and daycare services in Miami since 1991. The certified groomers offer different services to all dog breeds, such as haircuts and styles, baths, flea dips, brushing, nail trimming, and detangling matted fur. It also provides dental cleaning services to give your dog the whitest teeth!

The daycare and boarding facility lets you drop your dog off for a short or longer stay and caters to their specialized needs, where they socialize and exercise. 

Orange Grooming

Orange Grooming is one of the esteemed pet salons serving since 2009. The grooming salon has a team of talented stylists with over ten years of experience transforming your pup using high-quality products. Their qualified and experienced staff prioritizes the well-being of your dog and understands how to make them feel calm and relaxed.

The groomers at Orange Grooming provide brushing, ear cleaning, flea and tick treatment, and nail clipping services. They have boarding and daycare catering to all sizes and breeds of dogs with proper care and attention. 

Poochie on Your Block

If you want your dog to look the best while you are in Miami, then you may check Poochie on your Block, which is a pet grooming service provider that has served for twelve years. The various services your pet receives are teeth brushing, nail clipping, baths, hair trims, and paw cleaning. 

The products used and supplied, such as shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and combs, are all-natural and biodegradable. The mobile pet grooming services are also an option if you cannot take your pup to the salon. 


Maintaining your dog’s hygiene is essential for their well-being. Also, who does not like an adorable pet with a cute haircut that smells fresh? A professional groomer can transform your dog with their expertise and skills. Choosing the right services and their providers can change the game.  

Is your dog good at the groomer’s?  Call us for training help!  



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