The Best Dog Trails in Miami

Do you want an adventure or some physical activities with your canine companion, such as trailing or hiking? If yes, and you are planning for some in Miami, trailing with them can be a great and stress-free experience. There are plenty of options for trails in Miami where you can wander with your pooch. 

In this article, we are looking at some of the best dog trails in Miami to help you decide where you to go and have fun with your pup.

Miami Financial District Walking Tour

The 6.7-mile-long trail hits you differently and is considered easy to walk around. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete, and the best thing about the trail is you can visit anytime with your canine friend. 

The major highlight of the trail is the forest Simpson Park; therefore, you must start in the morning before the sun reaches you and your pup. It is a kid-friendly city where you can enjoy walking, relaxing, or rejuvenating with each other. Also, it is best that you bring your water bottle before trailing.

Eduardo Hernandez Memorial Trail

Eduardo Hernandez Memorial Trail, the name is dedicated to a person who died here because of a drunk driver in 2014. It is a mile-long on one side. The passers enjoy seeing Westwind Lakes Park, Eden Lakes Park, and the canal. Dogs are allowed here but on leashes with their owners.  

Parking is available near the trail’s South and at the Eden Lakes Parkside on the midway. What’s best about this trail is its landscape, such a pleasing atmosphere with a stress-free ambiance. Some schools come along the way, such as Lamar Louise Curry Middle School, John A. Ferguson Senior High School, and Dr. Manuel C. Barreiro Elementary School.

Old Cutler Trail

This 13.5-mile-long trail covered with asphalt and concrete is a perfect surface for you and your pup to wander. The best thing about this trail is that banyans and fichus trees are standing to welcome you here, and because of these trees, the area has almost 90% shades. 

There are plenty of parks and gardens en route to this trail. It means more fresh air before entering the trail with your four-legged friend. Parking is also available at Cocoplum Circle, where the trail starts.

Merrick Trail

The Merrick is a 4.2-mile-long adventure trail. It starts from Tamiami Regional Park to Lake Mahal. There are ponds and creeks in the middle of the trail that come after Francisco Human Rights Park and a small community park with a playground. The best thing is you can enjoy it here with your dog, but it must be on a leash.

People come here for running, road biking, trailing, and relaxing. Moreover, picnic tables and side benches are available for resting and chatting. There is only one steep section, around 0.15 miles towards the east. You can ask for assistance with wheelchairs for safety purposes.

Jetty Trail

Jetty Trail is on the verge of Miami. It is a 1.3-mile-long trail with colorful wildflowers across the terrain. The trail is famous for birding, running, and fishing. It is considered a heaven for dogs because of the amusement it provides. 

The best thing about the jetty is that some mangroves through the trail are up to a great extent. Also, as the trail starts by the shore, you can come here for a picnic with your family and canine companion. The trail is known for its stunning views and wildlife. People visit this place because of its low traffic, no bugs, and seashore.

Bear Creek Nature Trail

It is the shortest trek in Miami, around 0.4 miles. The average time to complete its cycle is around 7 minutes. Not many people visit this trail, although it is good for walking and hiking. You can take your dog here but must be on a leash. 

The elevation gain of the Bear Creek Nature Trail is around 6 feet, so it is better to take safety measures on a steeper surface. As it is a natural trail, so, no path directions are available here. However, the surroundings are beautiful.

Black Creek Trail

Black Creek Trail is the 9-mile trek, starting on 184th Street by the Miami Metro Zoo. It’s a well-maintained and easy-to-use trail. The surfaces are made up of concrete, asphalt, and gravel, a man-made arrangement. Wheelchairs are accessible for anyone to use. 

The trail is recommended for fishing, walking, and running. The facility of in-line skating and biking are also available here. 

It is a dog-friendly trail, which means you can visit this place with your four-legged friend, but it must be on a leash. Parking is available on the northern end of Larry and Penny Thompson Park.

Don Soffer Exercise Trail

The Don Soffer Exercise Trail is a 2.8-mile trail with an elevation of around 13 feet. The trek is good for running, hiking, trailing, and rollerblading. The average time to complete a round here is 48 minutes. The trek is easy to use, but on the steeper surfaces, you must follow cautions. You can take your canine friend on a leash. It is considered ideal for dog trailing because of the pathway. 

The trail starts from Turnberry Isle Resort Golf Course, with trees running side by side on both sides. You can come here to refresh with your family, friends, and pup.


Dogs love long walks and wandering in the woods and so, trails are the best source of walks and physical exercise for your pup. Also, Miami has tons of walking trails where you can take your canine companion and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and views along the way.

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