The Best Veterinarian Clinics in Coral Gables

We know that your pup is an integral part of your life, and their health is essential. Hence, you want to take great care of them; therefore, knowing the best veterinarian in your town is necessary. From vaccinations and spaying/neutering procedures to dental care and diagnostics, the veterinarian clinic nearby caters to all your pup’s health concerns. And so, in this article, we will review some of the best veterinarian clinics in Coral Gables. 

Coral Gables Animal Hospital

As the name represents, it is one of the best Veterinarian clinics in Coral Gables. They treat cats and dogs with great care and compassion. It is a complete setup with the possibility of almost every treatment available here, and the location is also in the middle of the town. 

The hospital specializes in furry care with labs and a radiology facility. You only have to take your sick partner to the Coral Gables Animal Hospital, and their professional staff will take care of the rest, from dental hygiene and wellness issues to surgery-related matters; they provide top-notch services in various disciplines. Moreover, the facility has an emergency section, a critical care section, pain management, and laser therapy.

Ponce de Leon Animal Hospital

Ponce de Leon Animal Hospital is a tertiary care setup for both cats and dogs. Its highly professional team provides a comprehensive veterinarian service for your pet. The facility is clean, and hygiene is up to the mark. You can book the appointment by visiting their website or calling their number. 

The services include emergency, digital X-ray, internal medicine, surgery, nutrition counseling, and pet supplies. The hospital has a license from The American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals. It is operational from Monday to Saturday but not on Sunday, at the core of Coral Gables.

Gables Animal Clinic

Gables Animal Clinic is another great veterinary clinic run by veterinarians Dr. Louis Alvarez and Dr. Maria E. Alvarez, who are committed to providing the best care to all animals with the latest veterinary technology and procedures. They treat each animal with care, love, and attention like their own. 

The animal clinic specializes in preventive care, microchipping, internal medicine, dermatology, Heartworm prevention, and pet vaccinations. You can book an appointment now and get the perks of the new client special.

Miami Animal Hospital 

Miami Animal Hospital has been providing extensive veterinary care and attention to the pets in Coral Gables and its surroundings since 2002. This animal healthcare is a 4000-square-foot, contemporary facility with advanced technology to serve your pup with the best. 

Miami Animal Hospital offers services, including wellness and prevention, testing and diagnostics, urgent care, and surgical procedures. Their board-certified veterinarians also provide specialty care in various disciplines, such as pain management, internal medicine, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, and more.

Flagler Animal Clinic

Flagler Animal Clinic is another animal clinic offering a comprehensive range of veterinary services in Coral Gables. The team at the animal clinic is devoted to providing the best quality veterinary care to your pets in a friendly and loving environment.

The services offered at Flagler Animal Clinic include dental care, parasite control (fleas, ticks, and heartworms), wellness and preventive care, diet and nutrition, microchipping, vaccinations, and emergency services.

GoodVets Coral Gables

GoodVets is another veterinarian clinic offering its veterinary services in Coral Gables. From pet vaccinations to urgent care, they provide the highest quality care and attention to your four-legged friend. 

They provide various veterinary services, including behavioral consultation, diagnostics, microchipping, dermatology, nutritional counseling, dental care, vaccinations, surgery, spaying/neutering, kitten, puppy and senior pet care, and oncology diagnostics. The animal clinic also caters to urgent care cases such as coughing, poisoning, cuts, and lacerations.


Keeping the pets healthy is a crucial part of adopting them, which requires regular veterinarian visits. And when they get hurt or are sick, you must go to the best animal clinic to keep them safe and healthy. Coral Gables has some of the finest veterinarian clinics catering to all your pup’s needs and providing high-quality care and a soothing environment.

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